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Omega 3 for Alzheimer’s

  As we’ve been reporting on the pros and cons of taking omega 3 fatty acid (fish oil) supplements, scientists have published yet another study about a promising application for omega 3s.   The new study, just published in the medical journal Neurology, suggests that omega 3 fatty acids in food may help delay or, […]

Omega 3 – Friend or Foe (part 2)

  People take fish oil (omega 3) supplements for many reasons.  Most online and print sources I’ve seen including Fish oil, which is on the excellent MedlinePlus Herbs and Supplements website, that heart and cardiovascular health and prevention top the list. “The scientific evidence suggests that fish oil really does lower high triglycerides, and it […]

Omega 3 – Friend or Foe

Today’s plan was to focus on a different topic. But after seeing several email and online chat comments about omega-3 fatty acids, I’m shifting gears. Too many intelligent, well read, supplement savvy people have misconceptions about omega 3 fatty acids or fish oils and need to know what to do to stay safe. Overall, fish […]