Restocking Supplements

By AltMed1-Peggy  

No news today – just a question and a thought or two to share…


The question:  

When it’s time to restock your supplement shelves, where do you shop?


And the thought or two:

I used to go to the health store, partly because it was such a charming place filled with knowledgeable people, but as other stores broadened their selection of quality supplements, it became easier and easier to buy from other places, at least for some items.


Now I order some things from online retailers (only from those who were recommended by trusted sources have outstanding reputations for honest and fair business practices) mainly for the price and convenience. Delivery is either free or cheap, and there’s no hassle about going out in bad weather, finding a parking space, or carrying things home. Even sells many popular supplements.


In fact, I find the only time I go to the health store these days is when I need something that I can’t get anywhere else.


But now, looking at the bigger picture, I have to wonder what will become of the brick-and-mortar stores if everybody did that.


And what about loyalty to the store that was there for me when I needed them?  


It would be interesting to see other views. Where you shop for supplements? What’s good and what’s not so good about it?  Do you feel any obligation to the “home” store?


Time for a poll? 


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